I must admit I am not much of a lipstick fan.But being a make up artist by profession,I have no choice but appreciate and collect lipsticks as much as I can.
First lippie review is MAC's Amplified Neon Orange Lipstick.This is a mac pro lipcolor but MAC has included this shade in some of their previous collections.Its texture is amplified meaning its non drying and ultra moisturizing.The color pay off is sheer to medium buildable.I love how this lipstick makes my lips pop in bright neon orangey way.I am naturally medium fair skinned so wearing this shade gives a slight tanned complexion.Perfect for this hot summer season!
For several attempts and years I have been meaning to start my own blogsite.And for every attempt,I did but failed to update it.As a makeup artist I feel the need to share my passion,my adventures and misadventures with makeups and my ever growing MAC makeups!